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Merrymead is a holiday popular with Caydenites.

A holiday occurring on 2 Calistril, Merrymead was started in Druma and is supposed to be a time to share of the last of the previous year's mead with the rest of the community.1

In current times, most people just use it as an excuse to drink excessively. The poor travel from bar to bar drinking whatever alcohol they can afford, while the wealthy will set aside specific vintages for this day. A known consequence of this day are 'mead riots' that happen when there are more celebrants than there is alcohol to serve them. This leads to a violent, destructive group of people in a crowded bar. If this is a common occurrence for particular cities, they may reinforce their guard force for the inevitably eventful night.2

Church of Cayden Cailean

This holiday, of course, is almost tailor-made for the faithful of the Accidental God, who celebrate it by gathering around a warm fire and exchanging stories and jokes to hold off winter's cabin fever.3


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