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Mindscapes are intentionally constructed areas on the Astral Plane.[1][2] Creatures can create a mindscape by engaging in a psychic duel, casting spells, using artifacts, or performing a ritual. Because mindscapes are entirely constructed by their creator, they can appear in any way the creator so desires: from the utterly fantastical, to a simulacrum indistinguishable from reality.[3]

Types of mindscape

Scholars have differentiated mindscapes into two distinct categories: binary mindscapes and immersive mindscapes.[3] The binary mindscape is the hollow background for a psychic duel. The area is little more than a blank canvas on which to carry out a battle of the minds. The immersive mindscape, however, presents a fully realized sensory experience to those who find themselves within it.[3]

Mindscape conditions

Regardless of its type, the rules of the environment within the mindscape are solely controlled by its creator.[4] Elements such as the ability to know that one is in a mindscape, the area and boundaries of the mindscape, whether or not one can be harmed within the mindscape, and the function of natural, arcane, and spiritual forces can all be manipulated by the mindscape's creator.[4]


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