Obelisks of Fate

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The Obelisks of Fate are the genealogical record of every chromatic dragon to have ever lived and are identical to the Obelisks of Destiny in virtually every way. This set of six five-sided obelisks made of black marble rises from a perfectly flat, perfectly round floating island of obsidian. Five of the obelisks are identical in size and are positioned in a circle around the sixth, which is twice the size of those comprising the ring. Each face of the central obelisk is filled with a glowing script recording, for one clan per face, the suryx and thyxl of the pure bloodlines. Directly opposite, the lesser obelisk's parallel facing side records the same information, with the other four sides of the smaller monolith recording the names of the queens and kings of all other clans belonging to the same breed.[1]

Beneath the floating obsidian island is a long shaft of white marble existing in an extra-dimensional space. On the walls of this shaft are the names and lineage of every chromatic dragon since the dawn of time. A small host of great wyrms maintains this portion of the archive at all times, ensuring it remains safe from vandals, the depredation of time, and the eyes of non-dragons.[1]


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