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Orias Deckland

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Orias Deckland
Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Homeland Absalom
Organization House Deckland

Source: The Infernal Vault, pg(s). 3

Orias Deckland was the last leader of House Deckland in Absalom, a Chelish noble family that resided in the City at the Center of the World for some time. Once a prominent member of Absalom society, Orias' name was ruined when it was discovered that he had sold defensive plans of the city to the government of Cheliax.[1]


During his tenure as head of House Deckland in Absalom, Orias did his best to keep his family out of Chelish politics. He was seen as a man of the people, and long resisted attempts by Chelish agents to recruit him to their cause.[1]

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