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The Did you know section of the Main Page features small bits of trivia from recently edited, well-written, or particularly timely articles. Nominating an article for inclusion here is a great way to draw attention to recent edits you've made, an article you're especially proud of, or to recognize the efforts of other Chroniclers. It's also a way of noting a particularly interesting fact you came across in your regular use of the wiki. Please list articles you'd like to see featured in the Did you know list below, along with any specific facts from those articles you feel would capture readers' interest and attention and sign your nomination (~~~~).


The sword, in all its wondrous incarnations, from Excalibur to Glamdring to the lightsaber, is the most iconic weapon in the history of fantasy-adventure. I'd like to nominate a "did you know" article which would chronicle the greatest sword masters throughout Golarion's storied history. I think the article would require some original reporting in the form of phone interviews with James Jacobs, Erik Mona, etc. but should be a fun and easy exercise in said reporting. With the iconic nature of this fabled weapon, fans would receive some valuable and interesting content.


David S.