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PathfinderWiki:Pathfinder Society scenarios

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As of October 14, 2011, the policy below has been deemed outdated and should no longer be considered PathfinderWiki policy. It is being retained for posterity only.

Due to the ongoing and organized nature of the Pathfinder Society Organized Play campaign, a few additional rules have been agreed upon to prevent spoilers for those playing the scenarios.  While we tend to leave spoilers up to GMs to handle, this is one instance in which we have stricter rules.

* All scenario product pages should have the {{PFS scenario}} template at the very top. * Scenario articles should consist of the following components and nothing more: ** The {{Book}} template, with all applicable information & artwork. ** The marketing synopsis from Paizo's webstore or other officially released overview of the events of the scenario. ** The {{Adventure overview}} template, listing tier levels, locations mentioned in the synopsis or the starting location of the scenario. If it changes locations, use your best judgment as to the acceptability of further location information with regards to spoilers. * DO NOT include any information regarding new monsters, magic items or other "new rules" information despite their inclusion in similar product pages throughout the wiki. * Individual articles on locations, creatures, and/or personages are permitted, as long as they are not directly linked to from the scenario page itself. The likelihood that a user will have the scenario spoiled by a seemingly unrelated NPC article is not high, but use caution and avoid revealing any plot elements of the scenario in any associated articles.

By following these simple guidelines, we can both insure that the PathfinderWiki remains a comprehensive resource of the setting and prevent the information on the site from being abused by players in the Pathfinder Society campaign to their own unfair advantage within the game.