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A game played by many fey native to Verduran Forest in Andoran and Taldor, Prismati is a complicated game played by two teams of nine. This game must be simplified to be played by human children. As part of the game, the fey throw scarves, gemstones, and bright feathers; lower class humans substitute rocks for these items, while upper class citizens use leather juggling balls for safety purposes. Traditionalists of the game state that half of the lesson and fun of the game is learning how to throw and catch rocks without injuring themselves, so those playing with juggling balls are generally looked down upon by the playing community.1


There are two teams of nine players each, and three positions; one person is a "setter", one a "thrower", and the remaining seven are "catchers". The setters of each team race to set the field by coloring patches of ground, then the thrower attempts to pass a painted stone of the appropriate color to a catcher in the part of the field with the corresponding color. If a catcher from another part of the field catches a colored stone which does not belong to them, there are rules that allow them to pass it to the correct catcher, but there are several restrictions to the process in which this is done.1


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