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Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 273

Quelaunts are aberrations that feed on negative emotions and are known to associate with the Dominion of the Black.1


Quelaunts have no discernible facial features. Their three arms and legs are distributed evenly across their body, making it impossible to determine a quelaunt's orientation.1


Quelaunts sow negative emotions upon their prey, revelling in and feasting on them, gaining strength and sustenance from their suffering. The more the prey suffers, the more the quelaunt feeds, and no act is too depraved for quelaunts.1

It is theorised that quelaunts hail from a dimension of pure thought and feeling, and they have no physical body in their natural state. Few dare research further: the only person known to have performed an autopsy on a quelaunt committed suicide a few days later, and all the notes were mysteriously destroyed.1


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