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Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Mutant intellect devourer
Homeland Arcadian Ocean

Source: Darklands Revisited, pg(s). 27

Quetzutrhul is an intellect devourer who exposed itself to mutagenic radiation, gaining increased speed and healing and turning its proboscis prehensile. Its ego swollen, Quetzutrhul led half a dozen other intellect devourers from Ilvarandin to the surface, emerging along the coast of Varisia, boarding a transport ship in the guise of simple passengers and learning the basics of navigation from the crew before devouring them as well. When the pirates of the Jade Adder boarded the intellect devourers' ship, they thought the crew dead and never suspected the presence of the intellect devourers, allowing them to seize both the pirates' bodies and ship alike. Quetzurhul now preys upon ships travelling the Arcadian Ocean with its own brand of piracy.[1]


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