Ravage Dawn

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Ravage Dawn
Crew Jol Blassey, former first mate

Source: Raiders of the Fever Sea, pg(s). Back Cover

Ravage Dawn is a ship with a checkered past.[1]


Jol Blassey, the first mate, tried to raise a mutiny. Upon failing, the captain not only killed her, but flayed her skin from her corpse, which he then mounted on the ship's bowsprit as a figurehead. This was jokingly called Ol' Captain Mutiny by the other officers. This act, however, preceded the death of nearly every one of the ship's officers, who were slain close to the figurehead. After a year, the remaining crew considered Ol' Captain Mutiny cursed and threw it overboard close by Slipcove.[1]


Jol Blassey: former mutinous first mate.[1]


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