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River Queen

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River Queen
Class Sternwheeler paddleboat
Keel 77 ft.
Beam 20 ft.
Draft 3 ft.
Propulsion Protean engine
Captain(s) Kelim Esteban
Crew 2+

Source: River into Darkness, pg(s). 5-7

The River Queen is a sternwheeler paddleboat (also known as a wheelboat) owned by the Aspis Consortium and operated on the Vanji River in the Mwangi Expanse. It travels between Bloodcove and Nightfall Station at a speed of 6 mph in calm water. Going with or against the current can increase or decrease this by up to 3 mph. It is only operated during daylight, as it is dangerous to navigate the river’s tricky channels in the dark.[1]

It was built to be as light and manoeuvrable as possible, so is mostly made out of wood. It is powered by a rare and magical protean engine.[2]

The minimum crew is two—one to pilot, and one to take soundings of the river bottom—but it generally travels with a larger complement.[3]

The current captain is Kelim Esteban, a human from the Shackles.[3]

Its sister ship is the ill-fated Lady Fortune.[4]