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Rushlight Tournament

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The annual Rushlight Tournament, hosted by King Castruccio Irovetti of Pitax since 4705 AR, draws champions from across the River Kingdoms to a festival ground northeast of Pitax on the banks of Cutter's Creek, a tributary of the Rushlight River. The six-day festival is held from the first Fireday of Sarenith through the final day's Midnight Joust.[1]

Save for the Midnight Joust, contests begin an hour before noon on each day. Each contest has its own rules, but all share three common rules: no contestant can harm a spectator, kill a competitor, or be caught cheating. Violators of these rules are disqualified from that event. Past contests have included longbow competitions, axe-wielding tests of strength, boasting contests, and drunken jousts.[2]