Screaming Obelisk, The

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A landmark of the Inner City region of Katapesh The Screaming Obelisk is visible for miles around. The Screaming Obelisk is a massive spire nearly four hundred feet in height made of solid red Carnelian. The structure is covered in symbols, the one nearest the bottom seem to be times and date while the higher, more mysterious symbols none can fanthom, this does not stop people trying and every year it attract scholars, linguists, engineers and wizards from around the Inner Sea to try and unravel its mysteries. The Screaming Obelisk gains its name from the holes cut into the top of it which, when the winds pick up, radiate an errie series of whistling sounds.1

As well as an impressive tourist attraction the Obelisk also serves as a time keeping device, beingg used as a giant sun dial. Surrounding the Screaming Obelisk are three belltowers that use the shadow cast to measure the passage of time sounding a bell at every hour of the day.1