Sharsqa II

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Sharsqa II
Titles Pharaoh
Gender Male

Source: Classic Horrors Revisited, pg(s). 44

Pharaoh Sharsqa II fell madly in love with his concubine Shielseis after her desperate demonstration of love, and pronounced her his new queen.[1]

The powerful magical trap known as Grasping Hands is commonly used in the heavily fortified tomb of Sharsqa II.[2]

In 4702 AR, grave robbers discovered and plundered Sharsqa's tomb but left behind the sarcophagus of Shielseis. She then rose as an elegant mummy clad in a beautiful ivory mask. The queen now seeks out those that despoiled her beloved's crypt and the unawakened mummy of the Pharaoh. She has established a network of agents across northern Garund. Her agents know her only as the Queen of Asps.[1]