Skrelyn Leisson

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Skrelyn Leisson

Unknown; discovered dead around 4709 AR1
Source: What Lies in Dust, pg(s). 55

Skrelyn Leisson was a celebrated composer and wind instrument performer. After recovering a set of entwined syrinx, his performances turned sorrowful, and he retired in reclusion where the Pathfinder Miria Sies Tays documented his corpse "still clutching the pipes to his lips."1


Leisson was renowned as a great musician, and his compositions included the popular "Sun Queen's Creed" and "Departed of the Moon". After reading of Azlanti entwined syrinx in fragmentary manuscripts, he sought and failed to recreate the instrument to his satisfaction. His investigation led him to a hermit who claimed Azlanti descent and ownership of a set of entwined syrinx, however, and Leisson acquired them at great expense.1

While his intense, lengthy performances with the instrument drew large crowds, the audiences left them feeling dejected. Every song turned mournful, and Leisson eventually withdrew from public performance to a remote house. He was not seen until Tays discovered Leisson's dead body in the recluse's cottage, where the Pathfinder recovered the instrument for the Pathfinder Society.1


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