Smoking Ruin

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The Smoking Ruin is a unusual sight in the otherwise gilded and wealthy region of Katapesh's Dawn Gate: a smoking ruin of ash and burnt out buildings, once the site of businesses and homes. According to rumor, one night a portal opened up to the Elemental Plane of Fire, and through it a host of angry fire elementals poured. They destroyed the area, killing everyone and everything in the region. Locals have since referred to that night as the "Dawn Gate Apocalypse", and are quick to avoid the area, as the restless souls of the victims of the event haunt the ruin.

Businessmen and residents near the area have pooled together a fund to sponsor a brave group of adventurers to put to rest these poor wailing souls by finding and burying their bones, but thus fair none have been brave enough to take them up on it.1