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Nation River Kingdoms
Region Daggermark
Size Small town
Population 501
Ruler Solanas Concern

Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 15

Solanas is a frontier town in the region of the River Kingdoms controlled by Daggermark. It is ruled by the Solanas Concern criminal gang. The sheriff of the town does what he can to keep the peace, but the Concern has the real control of the town and interferes to protect its interests. The people are used to killings and assassinations that happen every day. The mayor has sent an emissary to Daggermark, to beg lord Martro Livondar for help.[1]

Solanas is home to an important Pathfinder lodge, complete with a main hall, a dormitory, and a stable full of fresh horses. The lodge is guarded by a group of mercenaries.[1]


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