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canon conflict

Not sure whether this should be considered a conflict. the text in Taldor, Echoes of Glory, page 4 states that Maheto is in the northern foothills of the world's edge mountains.

but every map I can find, including page 35 of TEG (which is the most detailed) and the map page 184 of the ISWG, shows Maheto on the western side of the range, close to halfway on the N-S axis but clearly in the southern half of the mountain range. either the maps are wrong, the text is wrong or it's just my eyes - (but then I'm going to need more than glasses.)

in support that the map is wrong, the text goes on to say; The trade roads and canals that run from Maheto to the Verduran Fork are some of the most heavily patrolled routes in Taldor.

given the distance on the map to the Verduran Fork from the current placement, it makes certain amount of sense that the mark should have been more northernly- but that is a bit meta and wouldn't be relevant in a real world situation-distances simply are what they are. the reality of a world that was either drawn then described or described and then drawn can have these kinds of mistakes. --77stephen (talk) 13:39, 4 July 2015 (UTC)