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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)


{{!}} transcludes the | character, also known as a pipe symbol. This is useful when a pipe symbol is required in the attribute of another template, but typing the pipe symbol would disrupt the template's functionality.




Templates like the {{File}} template automatically wrap the text of certain attributes with brackets as links. However, in these attributes you cannot use a raw pipe symbol to link using text different from the destination article's name, as the template interprets the pipe as the start of a new attribute.

By using the {{!}} template in these attributes' text, you can safely insert a pipe symbol to link text to a specific article. For example:

| copy   = Paizo Inc.{{!}}Dinosaurs Rule the World and Eat All the Humans, LLC
| artist = James Jacobs{{!}}Tom Rex

results in

© 2014, Dinosaurs Rule the World and Eat All the Humans, LLC
Artist credit
Tom Rex

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