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This is part of {{ArticleSpawner}} and should appear above the editing area when creating an Adventure article using {{ArticleSpawner/Adventure}}.
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Writing an article about an accessory

Articles about real-world Paizo Inc. gaming accessories—generally, anything that players can use to enhance tabletop roleplaying games, like GM screens, character folios, miniatures-scale terrain, dice, and props of in-world items. To create articles about books, maps, decks of cards, miniatures, and pawns, go back and use the appropriate article spawners for those product types.

You should begin the article by filling in the {{Accessory}} template's fields. The template automatically knows only to display the information that you fill in, so if you leave optional fields blank, they will just not be displayed. In other words, you don't need to (and shouldn't) remove blank infobox fields unless otherwise directed (such as the released and expected fields or the gallery field.

For an example of an accessory article, see GM Screen.

The sections provided below are examples of common or recommended sections. To use them, remove the comment markup (<!-- and -->) and remember to remove the sample text as well. They're optional, but if you aren't using them, leave them in to help future editors!