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Template:Battles gallery entry/doc

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{{Battles gallery entry}} is intended to be used in conjunction with {{Battles gallery open}} and {{Battles gallery close}}. While each of these templates is needed only a single time, to open and close the gallery, respectively, {{Battles gallery entry}} should be transcluded as many times between the other two templates as the gallery has line items.


{{Battles gallery open}}
{{Battles gallery entry
| number    = 
| imagename = 
| align     =
| imagesize = 
| name      = 
| size      = 
| rarity    =
| link      =
{{Battles gallery entry
| number    = 
{{Battles gallery close}}


The template uses the following parameters:

This is the digital number assigned to each miniature in a Pathfinder Battles set. Simply enter the number here.
This is the filename of the mini's image on the wiki. You do not need to include brackets or the "File:" or "Image:" calls, but you do need to include the file's extension (such as ".jpg", ".png", etc.)
align (optional)
If you want to customize the alignment of the image within its cell, enter "right" or "left" here. This field defaults to "center" if it is omitted from the template.
imagesize (optional)
If you want to customize the width of the image, enter the numerical representation here (just numbers, no "px"). This field defaults to "75" if it is omitted from the template.
This is the name of the mini. If it is a mini of a specific NPC or creature, this can be formatted as a wikilink. Ensure that if the mini's name is different than the article on the wiki related to it, the link should be piped.
This is the size of the mini's base (i.e. "Small", "Medium", "Large", "Huge", or "Gargantuan"). Note that these size's are all capitalized.
This is the mini's distribution rarity. In general, this parameter will be on of the following: "Common", "Uncommon", "Rare", "Promo", or "Case" (the latter indicating that the mini is available as a case incentive).
link (optional)
This is the url of the mini's product page on You needn't format this as a link, simply include the URL here. If the mini is a promotional product that has no page on, omit this parameter.