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Template:Cite miniature/doc

From PathfinderWiki

This template is for use when citing miniatures, including sets, found on the web.


Below are examples and instructions for using this template.

{{Cite miniature
| creator     = 
| url         = 
| title       = 
| mini number = 

The 'mini number' parameter is optional. Some miniature sets may number the individual minis. All other parameters are required and cannot be left out. You can include wiki links in the 'creator' parameter where appropriate.


{{Cite web
| creator     = [[WizKids]]
| url         =
| title       = Pathfinder Battles—Rise of the Runelords
| mini number = 1

The above example would render as: WizKids. Pathfinder Battles—Rise of the Runelords, #1.