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See also: Help:Citing sources

Use {{Cite web}} to cite sources found on the web.


Below are examples and instructions for using this template.

Since specific webpages and articles are unlikely to be cited again, and because of their sheer number, subtemplates tend to be more complicated than helpful. You can, however, use this template directly as follows:

{{Cite web
| author = 
| date   = 
| title  = 
| page   = 
| url    = 

The 'title' and 'date' parameters are optional but recommended. All other parameters are required and cannot be left out. You can include wiki links in the 'author' parameter where appropriate. If the author is unknown, consider the publisher of the website to be the author of the article in question.

You can expand the template as shown above, which might be more readable when used in another template (like {{File}}), or use it in a single line, which might be less disruptive when used in an article:

{{Cite web|author=|date=|title=|page=|url=}}

URL formatting

Since most cited websites are blog or message board entries, it is helpful to link to the direct entry as opposed to the page on which the entry can be found. In most cases, you can find the url for a specific entry by searching within the linked site for a specific phrase contained within. If it is not possible to link to the entry directly, please provide a url closest to it for ease of future readers.

When citing a source multiple times

If you want to use the same citation in different places in the same article, give it a name the first time you use it (using the <ref name> tag), like this:

<ref name="StephensMB">{{Cite web
| author = [[Owen K.C. Stephens]]
| date   = June 8, 2017
| title  = Did anyone at PaizoCon ask / hear anything about multiclassing?
| page   = Paizo Messageboards
| url    = http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2ue87?Did-anyone-at-PaizoCon-askhear-anything-about#16

Then, every time you want to use it again in the same article (you can use it again as many times as you like) you would put this:

<ref name="StephensMB" />