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{{DPLGallery}} provides a shorthand way to generate a gallery of images for artist pages. To create more complex or customizable galleries using the DPL extension, see its manual.


All parameters are optional, and {{DPLGallery}} can be invoked simply as:


This uses the article name as the artist's name when looking for a "Category:Artwork by ..." category containing their artwork. By default, the gallery does not include images with the {{Paizo CUP|store}} or {{Paizo CUP|cover}} licenses to avoid redundancy.

To control these options, you can specify the artist name and whether to include store images

| artist   = 
| usestore = 
To create a gallery for a specific artist, specify their name.
If set to any value, this includes images categorized as Category:Paizo Store images.




This creates a gallery of 16 images, including a heading and category link, for the artist of the current article. For instance, adding the above to Wayne Reynolds results in:


See also: Category:Artwork by Wayne Reynolds
For this to work, the "Artwork by" category name containing the artist's images must correspond to their name in the article. For instance, the category for Wayne Reynolds is Category:Artwork by Wayne Reynolds.