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{{File}} is designed to display metadata about files uploaded to the wiki and categorize the files based on the parameters entered. For help uploading files, see Help:Uploading files.


When uploading a file to PathfinderWiki, include at least the following text in the "Summary" section of Special:Upload:

| year     = 
| copy     = 
| artist   = 
| print    = 
| source   =
| page     = 
| web      = {{Cite web
  | author = 
  | date   = 
  | title  = 
  | page   = 
  | url    = 
| summary  = 

If the file depicts things in the Pathfinder campaign setting, you can also add additional keyword parameters to categorize them:

| keyword1 = 
| keyword2 = 

If the file is a product cover image, use the cover = yes parameter instead of page:

| print    = 
| cover    = yes

If the file is an audio clip; depicts a miniatures product, a card from an accessory deck or card game, a map, or an accessory that doesn't fit any of those categories; or has multiple artists, see the Parameters section for details.


The parameters below are optional, but parameters marked recommended will categorize the page as missing information if they are not provided.

year (recommended)
This is the year the work was or will be first published. The year is displayed with the copyright notice, and the file is categorized under "Category: YYYY artwork". If this parameter is not defined, the template will auto-populate the field with the current year and the file will be placed in Category:Artwork lacking copyright years for maintenance purposes.
copy (recommended)
This is the copyright holder of the file being uploaded. The template automatically wikilinks the value in this parameter, so only the name is needed to fill the template. If this parameter is not defined, the template defaults to Paizo Inc..
artist (recommended)
[Do not place square brackets around this name.] This is the name of the artist who created the file. This is often different than copyright holder (above), as many artists work for hire and thus do not retain copyright of their work. This parameter assigns the file to a category, such as Category:Artwork by Wayne Reynolds. If this parameter is not defined, the template does not display an artist and categorizes the work under Category:Artwork by unknown artists. If this parameter is defined as "None", the file is not automatically categorized under any artist. For works by more than one artist, see below for the artists and artistd parameters.
If a work is credited to a single artist, we recommend using the artist parameter and omitting the artistd and artistn parameters.
[Place square brackets around this name.] This is a wikicoded list of artists or studios who should be credited with a given file. This parameter will display in place of the basic artist parameter, but you must name one of the (unlinkified) artists in the artist parameter or none will display.
[Remove any unused lines to avoid false categories from being generated.] If an work is credited to multiple artists using the artistd parameter, include any number of parameters here listing one name per parameter after the artist parameter. This automatically categorizes the file for each artist appropriately.
print (recommended)
[Do not place square brackets around this title.] This is the title of the work in which the file first appears. The template will automatically generate the citation template for the value entered, so use the same title here as you would use when citing the work in an article (for instance, for an image from A History of Ashes, enter simply A History of Ashes. This will cite {{Cite/A History of Ashes}}.) If this parameter is not defined, the file will be categorized in Category:Artwork from unknown works. If this parameter is defined as "Unpublished", the file is categorized in Category:Unpublished artwork. Note that for audio files, the print parameter is still used to cite the source work.
If the file is an audio clip, use audio instead of print.
If the file depicts a miniature, use miniature instead of print.
If the file depicts a card from a deck product, use deck instead of print.
If the file depicts a map product, such as a Flip-Mat, Flip-Tiles set, or map folio, use map instead of print.
If the file depicts an accessory product that is none of these, such as a Combat Pad, use accessory instead of print.
If this image is not from a source that is handled by print, you can put any citation and categorization here.
This is the page (or chapter number in eBooks) where the image can be found in the source cited in the print parameter. If this file is related to a print product and this parameter is undefined, the book citation template generated by the template might not function correctly. If this file depicts a product's cover image, use cover instead.
If the file is a product cover or a "clean" piece of artwork from a cover (meaning without any product branding, titles, or credits; just the artwork), enter any value in this parameter to categorize the file in Category:Cover art. If the file is for clean cover artwork, see the {{Clean cover}} template.
[Place square brackets only around the author's name.] This is the location on the Internet where the file originated. This is used by the community to verify that the wiki has the legal right to reproduce the file, such as by justifying an image's inclusion as part of the Community Use Policy. Use {{Cite web}} in this parameter.
This is a sentence or two describing the file. The text can include standard wiki formatting, including links, in order to both provide context and serve as a description for users relying on assistive devices to navigate the wiki.
[Remove any unused lines to avoid a false category being generated.] Use these parameters to define any keyword- or subject-based categories you wish to include the file in. (i.e., a value of "elves" in this parameter would result in the file's inclusion in Category:Images of elves; a value of "Amiri" would result in Category:Images of Amiri; etc.). You may have as few as zero and as many keywords as necessary defined by this template. If the audio parameter is defined, keywords result in the file being sorted into "Category:Audio of (keyword)" instead of "Category:Images of (keyword)".


Simple product cover example

| year     = 2017
| copy     = Paizo Inc.
| artist   = Remko Troost
| print    = Core Rulebook
| cover    = yes

Product cover example with categorized subjects and clean cover link

| year     = 2017
| copy     = Paizo Inc.
| artist   = Remko Troost
| print    = Core Rulebook
| cover    = yes
| summary  = [[Navasi]], [[Iseph]], a [[vesk]], and a [[ysoki]] on the cover of the ''[[Pathfinder Roleplaying Game]] [[Core Rulebook]]''.
| keyword1 = Navasi
| keyword2 = Iseph
| keyword3 = vesk
| keyword4 = ysoki
{{Clean cover|[ the Pathfinder Art View tumblr]}}

Book artwork published to the Paizo Blog

| year     = 2017
| copy     = Paizo Inc.
| artist   = Mikael Leger
| print    = Core Rulebook
| page     = 108
| web      = {{Cite web
  | url    =
  | title  = Class Preview: The Solarian
  | page   = Paizo Blog
  | author = [[Owen K.C. Stephens]]
  | date   = July 14, 2017
| summary  = A [[human]] [[solarian]].
| keyword1 = solarians
| keyword2 = humans
| keyword3 = full-body portraits

Unpublished artwork

| year     = 2016
| copy     = Paizo Inc.
| artist   = Taylor Fischer
| print    = Unpublished
| web      = {{Cite web
  | author = [[James L. Sutter]]
  | date   = May 28, 2016
  | title  = Announcing the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!
  | page   = Paizo blog
  | url    =
| summary  = Concept art of an [[android]].
| keyword1 = androids
| keyword2 = concept art
| keyword3 = full-body portraits

Audio clip

| year     = 2014
| copy     = Big Finish Productions
| artist   = Stewart Alexander
| audio    = Burnt Offerings (Pathfinder Legends)
| web      = {{Cite web
  | url    =
  | title  = Big Finish Productions
  | author = [[Big Finish Productions]]
  | date   = February 14, 2014
  | page   = webstore
| summary  = A sample of [[Valeros]] from [[Pathfinder Legends]].
| keyword1 = Valeros

Miniature with unknown artist

| year      = 2017
| copy      = Ninja Division
| artist    = 
| miniature = Pact Worlds Fleet Set 1
| web       = {{Cite web
  | url     =
  | title   = First 'Pathfinder Miniatures' Revealed
  | author  = William Niebling
  | page    = ICv2
  | date    = July 28, 2017
| summary   = A [[Wanderer|Ringworks Wanderer]], [[Venture|Kevolari Venture]], and [[Immortal (starship)|Atech Immortal]] in the [[Pathfinder Miniatures]] set [[Pact Worlds Fleet Set 1]].
| keyword1  = miniatures
| keyword2  = Wanderers
| keyword3  = Ventures
| keyword4  = Immortals