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Template:Hellknight Orders/doc

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{{Hellknight Orders}} is for use in any article about an order of the Hellknights in the Pathfinder campaign setting. All parameters, except for "name" are optional and can be left blank though it is preferred to include as many as possible; if undefined, these optional parameters will not appear as part of the template.


{{Hellknight Orders
| image     = 
| name      = 
| creed     = 
| fortress  = 
| leaders   = 
| symbol    = 
| armor     = 
| weapon    = 
| reckoning = 
| imagesof  = 
| source    = 
| page      = 


image (optional)
An image representing the order. This should be the order's symbol if one is available; otherwise, an image of a representative hellknight is acceptable.
The name of the order. This should be the name by which the order is most known.
creed (optional) 
The summary of the order's beliefs taught to all members.
fortress (optional) 
The order's headquarters, linked.
leaders (optional) 
Usually the linked names of the lictor or vicarius of the order.
symbol (optional) 
The symbol that represents the order.
armor (optional) 
The widely-known armor used by the order.
weapon (optional) 
The order's chosen weapon.
reckoning (optional) 
The self-inflicted punishment the knight undergoes after violating the order's tenets.
imagesof (optional; remove if unused) 
Creates a link to the category containing images of the order, such as Category:Images of Order of the Chain. The text entered here follows the "Images of " part of the category name.
source & page (optional) 
The source wherein the order was first published or from which the most information is available. Link the title, and include page number if possible.