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Pathfinder Bestiary Inclusion Initiative Work in Progress
This article is being revised and updated as part of the Pathfinder Bestiary Inclusion Initiative (PBII) and is considered a work in progress. This page is unowned; please add your username to {{PBII}}. Learn how you can help in the discussion.

Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

{{PBII}} displays a {{Notice}} box indicating this page and topic are being updated as part of the Pathfinder Bestiary Inclusion Initiative. This template adds the page to Category:Works in progress and Category:PBII.


Add the username of the chronicler taking charge of the updates as the first unnamed parameter. If you don't provide a username, the template will display an error.
category (optional)
To change how the template is categorized, add a category parameter and include the full categorization markup, such as [[Category:PBII]].



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