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Use this template for promotional artwork which does not fit under one of the subtemplates that exist here.

| release   = 
| copyright =
| source    =

The parameters release and copyright are required. release should be a wikilink linking to the person or company who released the image as promotional material. If no article exists for this person or company, make an internal link to the non-existant page. copyright should be formated as a url to the copyright holder's homepage and descriptive text of thecompany or person's name (for example, a copyrighted image belonging to Wizards of the Coast would be formatted as " Wizards of the Coast". Brackets surrounding this link are not necessary. An optional source parameter is available; if it is set to yes, the text at the bottom of the template reminding the uploader to provide the source is removed.


Since most artwork on the wiki will be from Paizo sources, we have created a subtemplate for use with any image officially released by Paizo as promotional material, such as on their daily blog. As long as the source of the promotional image is references (not the printed source, but its online location used in a promotional capacity) simply include "yes" in the template, as indicated below.