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Template:Recent canon updates

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Nocticula, patron deity of dramatic wiki changes, commits a significant change to the Pathfinder campaign setting.

This article reflects recent canon updates.
Recent canon sources have significantly updated fundamental facts about the subject of this article. Editors are planning or changing this and related articles. You might encounter awkward formatting, contradictory or unsourced information, or other undesirable elements. Learn how you can help with these updates in the discussion.

Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)


See also: Template:Unreleased

{{Recent canon updates}} is a {{Notice}} template denoting when an article reflects recent updates to the Pathfinder campaign setting. Such articles are in an unstable state and do not reflect accurate canon information. This template also categorizes the article in the Category:Articles with recent canon updates category for maintenance.

This template should be removed from an article only after confirming that all current sources have been integrated into it, as well as into any related articles that are affected by this change. See the article's Meta page for resources to integrate or to add source that need to be integrated, and discuss these updates on the Talk page.

Please be sensitive to the fact that these updates might represent spoilers to players and GMs who have not yet purchased products that make significant changes to the campaign setting, and that your definition of a spoiler might not reflect PathfinderWiki's. Review the wiki's spoilers policy before incorporating content that reflects changes to the setting, especially in recently released and unreleased products.


{{Recent canon updates}}

To add a more visible spoiler warning:

{{Recent canon updates|spoiled=true}}