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From PathfinderWiki

This template is a signpost. It is designed to be used on talk pages, to provide:

  • A short introduction and appropriate links for newcomers.
  • A reminder of policy to experienced Wikipedians.

To add this template to a talk page, just edit the talk page, and put {{talkheader}} at the top of the page (above existing conversations).

Using the template is suggested for talk pages that are very active or have had policy violation problems. This template should be used only when needed. Do not add this template to every talk page. In particular, it should not be added to otherwise empty talk pages.

Namespace appearances

Be aware that this template will appear differently in different namespaces.

  • In the user namespace, the header line changes to read "This is USERNAME's talk page, where you can send messages and comments to USERNAME.".

Analysis links

To add the analysis link section, use {{Talkheader|analysis=on}}.