The Green Knight

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The Green Knight is a 600-page book by Taldan author Malitociis. Its main character is a goblin named Paz who tried to cheat his way into an easy afterlife.1


Paz is a goblin who catches the flu, which leads him to think that he is dying. He decides to cheat his way into an easy afterlife by doing good deeds until he dies. He recovers without realizing it, and his deeds become increasingly extravagant as he fears he is drawing closer to death. After a time he believes that he is a good person, becomes a paladin, and slays a dragon. This earns him the spot in Heaven he had been coveting.1

Most people only remember the end of the story, and the moral that heroism can come from anywhere.1


To understand many of the nuances and jokes contained in this book, the reader must have extensive knowledge of the politics and history of Taldor. Paz encounters many historical figures in the political and religious fields. Scholars still argue over the many political messages that can be inferred throughout the book, and every couple of years a family asks the state to ban or burn this work. This leads to rough waters of the book alternately being praised and banned, depending on the political mood.1


  • Paz: The protagonist, a goblin paladin
  • Dulancho