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The Yellow Prophet

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The Hidden Truth, a known card believed to be in the book or suit as The Yellow Prophet.

The Yellow Prophet is a long-lost card in the suit of books that is the Harrow. Missing since the Age of Darkness, the card depicted a hooded or veiled Harrower dressed in black and yellow whose right hand raised a hushing finger while her left drew three cards. The card symbolized complex futures, false interpretations, and self-fulfilling prophecies, and when placed in a true match, allowed the Harrower to draw three additional cards that represented potential dark futures for the subject. The card's deeper meanings have been lost to time.[1][2]

Recent history

A copy of The Yellow Prophet is said to have recently appeared in the Varisian city of Korvosa, but since it vanished without a trace soon thereafter, its authenticity could not be verified.[3][4]