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From PathfinderWiki

I've been into D&D since Frank Mentzer's big red box, 1983. I stayed with the D&D systems until 3rd ed. and d20; I skipped 3.5 and went right to Pathfinder.

I am the author of "the Blackmoor Gazetteer" (before Arneson and Judges Guild reclaimed it); of the "Illuminating the Night Below" series; and of "Eldritch Apocrypha" (a Malhavoc fanboy sequel to BoEM3). People seem to like the first two and have politely ignored the third. My web host SBCGlobal-Yahoo-Prodigy-AT&T killed the site in summer 2011. I don't know when, or if, I will revive those pages. The Wayback Machine will take you there; aim for early 2011 if you go.

I also did some stuff on the Mass Effect wikia and on Wikipedia proper.