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Nation River Kingdoms
Region Daggermark
Size Small town
Population 1,190

Source: People of the River, pg(s). 8

Wilkesmont is a small town located inside the Shroudwood in the River Kingdom of Daggermark. The town was the home of the bandit lord Miklos Jakab, self-proclaimed ruler of the Shroudwood.

Jakab, the last serious bandit threat to Daggermark, was killed in 4566 AR; his followers swore fealty to Daggermark. Due to its location in the wood, the town is relatively cut off from the rest of the kingdom and an easy target whenever the Daggermark military fails to protect it. Wilkesmont has been burned to the ground three times, and each time has been rebuilt bigger than before. The town lacks any fortifications, relying on the heavy wood to keep most raiders away.

Recently, a bandit lord from Sevenarches boasted he will claim the Shroudwood, so the residents of Wilkesmont plan to use assassins from Daggermark to stop him.[1]


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