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The Rune of the Sun
Titles The Burning Mother
Type Star
Adjective Solar
Diameter x100
Mass x300,000
Gravity x28
Atmosphere None
Orbit n/a
Inhabitants fire elementals, plasma oozes, Plane of Fire visitors, powerful spellcasters, solar dragons
Satellites The Solar system

The sun, sometimes called the Burning Mother, is a yellow star at the center of Golarion's solar system.[1][2]


Golarion's sun is some hundred times the diameter of Golarion and 300,000 times the mass; its gravity is 28 times that of Golarion. The sun has no atmosphere.[2] It has no surface, and its immense energy generates incredible heat. The sun's intense gravity grows even more powerful near its core, the Starheart.[3]

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Rune representation

In scholarly works, the sun is sometimes represented by a rune: a circle with a dot at its center.[2]


The sun shown at the centre of the Cosmic Caravan.

Despite the churning nature of the sun there are some locations of note, though some do move in the convection currents:[2]


The sun is intensely inhospitable. Nevertheless, some creatures do manage to survive and thrive in the inferno:[2]

Native inhabitants

Foreign inhabitants

In Religion

The Sun features in many important roles in theology.

Sun domain

Many deities grant the power of the sun to their worshippers through the Sun domain:


Three gods and a demon lord hold the sun as part of their portfolio:

Holy symbols

Three goddesses use solar imagery in their holy symbols:

  • Desna: Butterfly with star, sun, and moon symbols on its wings
  • Iomedae: 'The sword of valour': Elegant longsword with a circular sunburst behind the sword's hilt
  • Shizuru: a stylized sun behind a katana

Other theological references

Some other theological references to the sun that are not included above are:

Other solar references

Non-theological references to the sun also exist, including:

Other suns

There are other suns in addition to that which Golarion orbits, including the myriad of stars seen in the night sky. Notable suns include: