A History of Ashes (Pathfinder Legends)

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Pathfinder Legends—Curse of the Crimson Throne #4: A History of Ashes
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Audio - Full-cast Audio Drama

A History of Ashes, a Pathfinder Legends full-cast audio drama based on the Curse of the Crimson Throne adventure path, was released on April 26, 2017. It is the fourth of six episodes in the Curse of the Crimson Throne series.

The path to save Korvosa leads Ezren, Valeros, Harsk and Merisiel far beyond the ravaged city's walls. In the burning plains of the Cinderlands the tenacious tribes of the Shoanti barbarians protect an ancient secret that might be the only way to save the Jewel of Varisia from ruin, but Korvosa has been their enemy too long for the proud natives to give up their knowledge freely. Only by learning the ways of the Shoanti and facing their sacred trials can the Queen's champions hope to save Korvosa.


Written by: David Bryher

Director: John Ainsworth


Valeros: Stewart Alexander

Ezren: Trevor Littledale

Harsk: Ian Brooker

Merisiel: Kerry Skinner

Trinia Sabor/Zellara: Lousie Faulkner

Cinnabar: Amy Newton

Scout: Marcus Churchill

Trader/Gren: John Green

Krojun: Steven Elder

Thousand Bones: Toby Longworth