Allegro College

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Allegro College is an abandoned bardic college north of Absalom's city walls, hidden behind the Frothripper waterfall.[1]


The college was founded by musicians and songwriters from Absalom seeking a secret, soundproof location where they could work without worrying about rivals stealing their creations. It was active for 7 years until the founders fell out of favor with each other in a violent disagreement over the purported existence of a hidden note.

Some associated the note with the "Final March", a song to supposedly play at the end of the world. Others associated it with the deity Groetus, and the college's conductor even bargained with the heresy devil Nehemalis for its secrets. The depravity reached such a point that a former paladin attending the college plotted a rebellion that ended in several members being dashed upon the rocks below Frothripper.

The remaining students split up, each taking parts of their masterpiece with them. It has sat unused for decades since.[2][3]