Almir Estate

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Almir Estate is the ancient estate of House Almir, known as the House of the Crescent Star, in the hamlet of Piren's Bluff. The tall elegant estate is made of timber, red bricks, and silver-flecked granite. It rises into the air like a huge needle and its narrow stained-glass windows depict mountains, and dragons. Leering gargoyles peer down from perches over the eaves. Stone-covered roofs rise one atop another, and the peak is surmounted by an iron spike ending in a horizontal crescent moon cradling a nine-pointed star. The ancient estate was built long before Piren's Bluff. The town sprang up around the estate as House Almir began establishing its many mining ventures in the area.[1]

Almir Estate is home to Dreyxor Almir, a middle-aged, reclusive man who rarely leaves the privacy of Almir Estate and never involves himself with local politics unless they affect his business. A family of servants, the Hartlebys lives on the estate and attend his needs.[1] Gendji Goldfleck, a feisty dwarf woman, is Lord Almir's most trusted employee. Gendji has worked for House Almir for the past 80 years and was entrusted with the true purpose of Almir mining operations.[2]


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