House Almir

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House Almir
Type Noble house
Leader Lord Dreyxor Almir
Headquarters Barony of Piren, Andoran
Goals Finding the family's lost dragon hoard
Scope Local
Structure Family

Source: Guide to Darkmoon Vale, pg(s). 35, 59

House Almir, in the Barony of Piren, has sorcerous roots: it traces its line back to a red dragon named Argrizshar. The dragon lived in the Aspodell Mountains centuries ago and his lair was located deep beneath the area of present day Piren's Bluff. House Almir believes that a vast hoard of magically hidden treasure remained in the dragon's lair when the dragon left its lair to make the journey to Dragonfall. Members of House Almir were obsessed with locating the hidden lair of their draconic ancestor and they built their estate in the area. The house's mining operations are a cover for their efforts to locate the dragon's hoard. The library in the Almir Estate contains numerous travel journals, explorers' diaries, and geographical surveys, focused on the Aspodell Mountains. Meanwhile, their mines have delivered a fortune in gems, gold, and iron ore.[1]

Lord Dreyxor Almir is the last descendant of House Almir. Following the tradition of the family, Lord Almir rarely leaves his estate where he spends his time studying the hundreds of books of his family.[2]


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