Apotheosis Almorain

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Apotheosis Almorain

Knightly order
Find the next leader of Azlant
Source: Occult Mysteries, pg(s). 28–29

The Apotheosis Almorain is the strongest faction of the Knights of the Eastern Star, one of the two sects of the once shining Azlanti order of armored magi known as the Knights of the Ioun Star. Chapters of the Knights of the Ioun Star are known as almorains, an Azlanti term akin to "family" or "alliance". This almorain of the knights has survived and is headquartered in Oppara.

The knights focus their attention further to the east, in the Windswept Wastes of Casmaron. They believe that a resurgent cult of the Ninshaburian hero-god Namzaruum will produce the leader destined to become the next emperor of Azlant.1


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