Arena of Aroden

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The Arena of Aroden in the center of the town of Tymon in the River Kingdoms is a huge building, made in the style popular in Taldor almost 2,700 years ago. It is able to seat 2,000 patrons and features a labyrinthine series of underground passageways that serve for the storage of weapons, beasts, and props used in the various games. Each of the ten official teams has its own area in the arena where its members can practice and work their plans for the year's championship. Each team has its own official color and insignia. Barven Freth, the arena fight manager, works hard and lives in a large apartment attached to the arena. There are a number of seating choices for the fight fans, from the grand box seats with catered dining and the best view of the carnage, to the premium seats down close to the action, to the crammed stone benches. Vendors weave their way through the crowds selling ale, turkey legs, and rotten fruit and vegetables. The latter are used by the fans to show their displeasure with a certain gladiator. In the Grand Concourse, the fans used to buy banners with the colors of the official teams.[1]


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