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Source: Planar Adventures, pg(s). 120

Arudrellisiir is the largest and most famous city of the jyoti in the Positive Energy Plane.1


Arudrellisiir is an iridescent crystal lattice drifting in the Positive Energy Plane. It consists of interconnected prisms, each of which disperses the light of the Positive Energy Plane into its constituent colours, anchored around a ring of jagged towers surrounding a portal connected to the core of a great blue-white star on the Material Plane, through which the star's light periodically flashes.1


The jyoti residents of Arudrellisiir are arranged into castes such as envoy, portal-guardian, scholar, soul-shaper, and soul-warden. On the top is the priestly class, ruled by Vencirisen.1

Anyone that tries to approach Arudrellisiir is greeted with violent warnings by jyoti guards, so visitors are rare. Teleportation into the city without permission will automatically redirect one into a prison, to be dealt with by the jyoti on a case-by-case basis. If such an attempt is deemed as not malicious, the jyoti will escort the trespasser out of the city usually after the jyoti receive an apology from the trespasser and an offer of tribute.1


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