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(Technological Item)
Type Technological artifact
Slot None

Source: Technology Guide, pg(s). 60

The autodoc is a complex technological device capable of performing all kinds of medical procedures on a patient, from minor operations to removing poisons, installing cybertech, or constructing an entire inert body from a small amount of the patient's DNA.[1]

An autodoc consists of a transparent pod surrounding a comfortable plastic chair for the patient to sit in, and dozens of multi-jointed arms and extendible devices, adorned with numerous buttons, lights, and touchscreens for the operator to input the desired operation. The autodoc's arms and devices work quickly, and it is capable of running instantaneous simulations before an operation to check errors and automatically complete the operation's programming.[1]

Due to its power consumption, an autodoc needs to be connected to a power supply during long operations. When in use, the autodoc is shut tight, but can be forced open, albeit with disastrous results for any patient that tries to leave or is removed from it.[1]


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