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Gedrak, The public leader of the Banshees.
Type Guild
Leader Talish
Headquarters The Puddles, Absalom

Source: The Patch Man, pg(s). 1
This is an article on a thieves' guild named for an undead creature. For information on the creature of the same name, see banshee.

The Banshees is a guild in the Puddles district of Absalom that smuggles drugs and slaves into the city.[1]


The Banshees smuggled drugs and slaves into Absalom until they killed a city watch guard named Hollis. Additional pressure from this act lead to this group disbanding, and many of its members being killed during a showdown in their warehouse.[2]


The half-orc Gedrak is the public face of the gang[1] but he takes orders from a woman named Talish.[3]


Odim is just a thug.


The guild owns a green warehouse on the old pier, where they keep the slaves they have smuggled in.[3]


The Banshees' smuggling of slaves brings them into direct opposition with the church of Cayden Cailean.[4]


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