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A banshee.
This article covers the undead creature. For the thieves' guild of the same name, see Banshees.

A banshee is the restless spirit of a person who was either betrayed by or who betrayed trusted friends in the moments before dying.213 Banshees despise the living, with some speculation that kinder mortals lead to even crueler banshees.13


Banshees are known for their spiteful retaliation to being attacked, deadly piercing wail, and terror-inspiring touch.13

Banshees become sluggish when in sunlight.3

On Golarion

Many banshees lurk in the demon-plagued Tanglebriar in the elven nation of Kyonin. Many victims of an ancient betrayal also inhabit the frigid wastelands in northern Avistan as banshees.3


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