Battle of Dawnmarsh

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The Battle of Dawnmarsh was one of the last major battles during the Whispering Tyrant's conquest of Ustalav. It was in this battle that the Last King of Ustalav, King Ardurras Virholt, was slain by Tar-Baphon's undead hordes. With the death of King Ardurras, most resistance against the Whispering Tyrant's forces crumbled and the undead monarch's armies captured Ardis, then-capital of Ustalav soon thereafter.1

In the historical novel In the Council of Corpses by Ailson Kindler, the appearance amongst the Tyrant's forces of the re-animated corpse of Tyrus Ildimion, a young guard previously slain in the king's service, caused the King to falter and led to his death.2


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