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Ailson Kindler

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Ailson Kindler
A young Ailson Kindler.

Originally Caliphas, Ustalav;
now Ardis
Almas University (former student) /
Pathfinder Society (former)
Source: Classic Horrors Revisited, pg(s). 50

Ailson Kindler is a famous and popular author of gothic romances, although she considers herself today to be semi-retired. She lives in Grimol Hall in Ardis, the former capital city of Ustalav.2 She is also a former associate of the Pathfinder Society; however, because of strong disagreements with the Society, she has all but cut ties with the organization.34


A young Ailson Kindler faces Viscount Oilic Galdyce.

Kindler grew up in Caliphas, the current capital of Ustalav, and became an adventurer to rescue her elder sister Ellishan5 from abduction. While successful, it came at a great cost: she took her sister's place for three years. After a long recovery, she began fighting evil (particularly undead) wherever she could find it.3 She fled from Ustalav, though, after facing vampires beneath Caliphas. In 4685 AR, with the help of her fiancée Duristan Barlhein, she defeated the undead ruler of the county of Amaans, the Viscount Galdyce.64


Despite Ailson's advice against it, Ellishan's son Styrian Kindler travels and chronicles stories in western Avistan.78


Kindler has written many books that chronicle her adventures fighting the forces of evil. She favors gothic romances and these books are famous, popular, and well read throughout the Inner Sea region. She writes many of her works from personal experiences and are not wholly fictional.24

Kindler's works include the following:


The Pathfinder Tales fiction works Guilty Blood and Bloodbound feature Ailson Kindler.

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