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Bellflower Network

Decentralised (Cheliax)
Emancipating halfling slaves
Source: Adventurer's Guide, pg(s). 38-39

The Bellflower Network is a well-established, secret society dedicated to freeing halfling slaves, usually from Cheliax, a country in which halfling slaves are specially prized and numerous. The Network maintains its own coded language and uses a blue bellflower as its symbol.12


The ultimate goal of the Bellflower Network is the freedom of all halfling slaves in all countries, but pragmatically, the current focus is on Cheliax. From that country routes have been created that run to Andoran and Rahadoum for secret transportation of freed slaves. Secrecy is maintained by allowing members to only know their immediate contacts, so any information gained by enemies from captured members is limited.12 A cell also operates in Nidal funneling slaves and allies through the Undervale.3

The Network has no discernible headquarters, but there are places where members regularly congregate, including in Corentyn and at the Bell of the Sea tavern in Westcrown.1


The organization dates back to just after the collapse of the Empire of Cheliax, when the disruption caused by those events gave the opportunity for halflings to escape their masters.4


The Bellflower Network is led by the mysterious Farmer; whether this is one halfling or code for many is known only to the very highest echelons of the organization. Rumours abound about the Farmer: many suggest the Farmer began as a slave in Corentyn and won his own freedom. Other rumours link the Bellflower Network and the Farmer to the Eagle Knights of Andoran, with some going as far as suggesting the Farmer, himself, is an Eagle Knight. Some see this link as evidence of Andoren preparation for war with Cheliax.12


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Many of its members were once, themselves, halfling slaves. Tillers is Network code for those members who lead halfling escapees between secret hideouts on their route to freedom.1


Paizo published a major article entitled "The Bellflower Network" in For Queen & Empire.

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