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Bjorn Grimsong

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Bjorn Grimsong
Gender Male
Homeland Lands of the Linnorm Kings

Source: NPC Guide, pg(s). 17

Bjorn Grimsong of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings is a warrior prince with a borrowed name.[1]

His original name long forgotten, the mercenary known as Bjorn Grimsong is an imposter to the actual Grimsong, a prince of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings to whom Bjorn Grimsong was a body guard and protector. Slain by a poisoned arrow, the dying prince gave Bjorn Grimsong three items that would allow him to lay claim to being the long lost prince, should he ever return to the kingdom: his axe, his royal signet ring, and his name.

Newly reborn has Bjorn Grimsong, the mercenary set his sights on claiming the throne, currently held by a sorcerer who holds it by use of dark magic. Bjorn's plan is fairly straightforward: kill the sorcerer, behead him, carry the head to the city walls, spike it up for all to see, and restore the Grimsong name as king of the native lands. He tells any who will assist him in this quest that they will be richly rewarded with wine, women and song inside his great castle.

Bjorn knows a great deal dragons, especially linnorms, and is always happy to share this information with his allies.[2]