Black Candle

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The Black Candle is the only apothecary in the hamlet of Piren's Bluff in Andoran. It is owned by Viaren Danis, known locally as Viaren the Apothecary.12

This squat, ivy-covered building on Dawn Lane has a large iron arm that juts from the ground near the front entrance. Its upward-facing palm holds a large, brightly burning black candle.1 A chain of bells chime when the door is opened, with mistletoe tied by yellow ribbon to the chain's end.2

The shop specializes in popular herbal medicines to treat common ailments. Since there is no telling when remedies are needed, the shop is always open.1 The shop also offers poultices, teas, and infusions, and for select customers mild poisons such as malyass root paste, terinav root, oil of taggit, and blue whinnis.2

Due to Viaren's fame, she is always in need of herbs, plants, and other minor alchemical reagents, making her shop popular among traveling adventurers.1


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